Friday, December 7, 2007

Day of Infamy

On September 11 last year, there was some debate about how long we should continue to commemorate the attacks in 2001. As a history buff, I knew that 9/11 would eventually fade in memory, as all historic dates do.

April 19 is sort-of recalled only in Boston, where the Boston Marathon is run on the nearest Monday. September 17th was the bloodiest day in American history, but few Americans know what happened that day, or why it was so important. And July 4th - well, most Americans may have some idea about what happened, but few commemorate the day by reading, or even thinking about, the Declaration of Independence.

I bring all this up, of course, because today is December 7th, Terrell Owens' birthday. Oh, and it's also the 66th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. We tend to remember that date mainly because it features in one of the most famous sentences ever uttered by an American President*. So, take a moment out of your day and listen to that speech:

* My wife suggests that most Americans, if asked to name the most famous sentence uttered by an American President, would go with this one


Tom K. said...

Without looking at a calendar, can you give the date for V-E day? V-J Day? Armistice Day? For that matter, can you name the day that the Oklahoma City Federal Courthouse was blown up? Solemnity and Celebration in this country seem to ebb and flow with the times.

Anonymous said...

"i am not a crook"
"walk softly and carry a big stick"
two others that should be near the top of the list...